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Michelle Meaders

You know what else was tucked away in HB 1156?
On page 3 of the final version:

"Section 4. Section 1-1-23 NMSA 1978 (being Laws 2005,Chapter 270, Section 5) is amended to read:

"1-1-23. UNIQUE IDENTIFIER.--As used in the Election Code, "unique identifier" means a randomly generated series of numbers, letters or symbols assigned to a voter, which shall not be the voter's social security number or date of birth.""

I'm told it was tacked onto the bill because some legislators -- mostly Repubs, led by Janice Arnold-Jones -- claimed that privacy was being violated by using the last four digits of the SSN as the voter ID number. They managed to convince Rep. Ed Sandoval to bury the provision in his bill."

Democracy for New Mexico and Heath Haussamen have been writing about this lately.

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