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Dude, get your facts right before you try to start something. Having the right to free speech doesn't mean that you can get up and interupt a political event whenever you want. He wasn't supposed to be speaking, it was another kid, and he just ran up and interrupted him. They were nice enough to the guy to let him continue anyway, but they decided to cut his mike when it was clear that he wasn't asking a question and just wanted to make a scene. The police didn't escort him out until he refused to leave the stand after being asked. You can't just stand up on stage and interrupt an event with a senator and then not leave when you're asked. And then when the police start escorting him out, he starts resisting and swinging his arms at them. Dude, you don't violently resist arrest, and you don't hit cops. They kept warning him, and instead of calming himself down, he kept acting like an idiot. Andrew Murray needs to ask himself right now - what the heck was the point of resisting arrest? What was the point of swinging his arms around with the cops? Does he have some anger management issues or something? Trying to pretend like he's not the one at fault here is just excusing completely unwarrented behavior.

An eyewitness account:



You suggest that there is something factually incorrect in what I wrote based on your OPINION of what constitutes proper conduct during a political forum.

I think your missing the point when you say: "he wasn't supposed to be speaking" as if that is some way justifies what followed. It doesn't. Would you suggest tasering interrupters and people who cut in line?

We can watch the video(s) frame by frame and determine what occurred, but based on what you've already written it appears you have little interest in critically examining something you aren't interested in thinking critically about, dude.


I just read your comments. Are you serious? "brazenly suppressing constitutionally protected speech"?

No, Gid, wrong again. The Q & A session had the right to recognize anyone they wanted. It is not a constitutional right to be able to speak and disrupt a forum at your whim.

Your a fine example of just because you have a blog, it does not mean you know what you are talking about.

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