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So...what are you saying, exactly? Are you saying that America for Richardson, the Bill Richardson Blog, the state blogs, Richardson Brings Hope, the Zanby groups, etc., are not people-powered and are creations of public relations firms, corporations, or the Richardson campaign? Let's be a little specific here.

I was a Deaniac myself in 04, and so was my BRB co-blogger. The Richardson sites are for real, too. For my efforts I've gotten no money, no job, just one free copy of his book and the feeling that I'm part of something meaningful to me.


I'm trying to think of the best way to explain this to you. So here it goes; if you really want Bill Richardson to be President, you need to understand that his campaign staff, what's remaining of it, are exactly as Imus described them. From what I can see, the Richardson campaign is like the political version of survivor island, but in this game they kick off the winners and keep the losers. I know that's harsh, but its true.

Maybe I'm naive to judge a candidate by their staff or a person by the company they keep, but in my mind a campaign isn't a campaign unless it has organizers; boots on the ground. The people who make it possible to believe in a candidate beyond the commercials and all the hype. But Richardson doesn't have that. In fact, his entire field staff abandoned ship or were kicked off the island after the 2006 election, replaced by more fundraisers and consultants.

Let me repeat that: Richardson's entire field staff is gone. Why? These were people hand picked in 2003 to work for Moving America Forward in 2004. These were the people they kept on to work for the Governor through 2006 with the idea that they would be the generals in the field in 2008. To say they were good would be an understatement. Talk about a crack squad, these guys and gal, were like the A-Team of field, hardened in the battlegrounds of New Mexico politics. I had the pleasure of working with them for a brief time while at the DPNM. The Richardson machine invested heavily in this team over two election cycles, only to let it collapse just before launching. If you care about this campaign, think about that. Maybe tough love is the best love.


That's fine, Gideon. I don''t know the deal with BR's field staff and I will look into it. It's unresponsive to the post or my comment, in which you implied that the Richardson netroots were "Astroturf," meaning actually planted by the campaign or private interests, and I said the Richardson blogs were real grassroots efforts. If you want to make a more specific comment about the "Astroturf" implication, I'm all ears.


To tell the truth, I have no idea what's real and what's not when it comes to "netroots."

Netroots are not grassroot. Grassroots translates into electoral victory. Grass grows when its watered. Field waters the grass. The netroots are watered by what, or rather by whom?

Are Richardson's "netroots" real? Certianly not any realer than Hillary's. Netroots. Would they be like virtual grassroots?

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