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Rodney Adams

Just how bad is it for Republicans if the best thing they can come up with is an ad criticizing the Governor for having Presidential aspirations? The Democrats would likely, and rightfully be labeled as desperate were they to run such ads against the likes of Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, or Virginia Senator George Allen who may still have his sights on the 08 race. Even though his racism might work in Virginia, it won't play on a national stage.

Keith Grogg

Hmm...Bashing Mr. Richardson seems to be in style this year... I'm a registered Republican, and am not ashamed to say that I voted for Mr. Richardson in the last election, and will vote for him for governor again in the upcoming election. You know what? If he does run for president, I will very likely vote for him for that as well. He has done great things here in New Mexico, and I think he could step it up if he was elected president...RICHARDSON FOR PRESIDENT 08!!!

Gideon Elliot

Rodney, seems like Keith might be the guy to talk to about Republican tactics.

I'm guessing that the national GOP are a little dissapointed that Dendahl couldn't get on air himself to do their dirty work so they've decided to step in and throw the mud themselves.

Hey, there's no such thing as bad press though, right?

Gene Barrett Esq.

Keith Grogg? Senior or Junior? Call me, Ashtabula County Prosecutor's Office

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