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Scott Hale

You're spot on with the terrible content and not just by the writer's-obviously this missed any editorial or content review. It's sad that Journal Mgmt let's so much of the extraneous filler by. Susie Gran at the Trib did a much better job, no fluff and padding. With the Tribs redesign, you might want to post a comment and see what kind of dialogue you might get going over there.

BTW-Loved the sarcasm!

Michelle Meaders

They are talking about this on The Line on KNME-TV tonight:
Friday, September 22, 2006
This week blogger Mario Burgos and La Herencia publisher Ana Pacheco join host Gene Grant and the panel to discus the Albuquerque Public Schools bond vote, and the push to create a new school district on the west side.

Also, next on KNME (Channel 5 in Albuq.)on In Focus:
Friday, September 22, 2006
“Bring your world IN FOCUS”
Kate Nelson hosts one-on-one conversations with Secretary of State Candidates Mary Herrera, Democratic, and Vickie Perea, Republican.

ched macquigg

While I am concerned that APS might stiff the west side using legal technicalities; what really bothers me is that the system would accomodate such an abomination. The system that enables even the possibilty of such conduct is deeply flawed.

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