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March 11, 2007



I hope that who ever is the next chair will stop the musical chairs game with the chair of the New Mexico Democratic Party. Since I got involved in 2000 there have been who knows how many. But way too many if you ask me.

This is an important position in New Mexico. It needs to be full time and maybe even a paid position. Especially if we are to be the majority party. Look at the votor numbers, Democrats are losing ground.

In Colfax County where I live it is a slow but sure thing. The Democrats lose 2-3 percent per year and the Republicans gain a half point or a point. Not a pretty picture.


Press, check out the analysis posted on this site

Here's my question, how much GOTV activity did the Dem Party do in Catron county in 2004?

My next post is going to address this issue.

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